What to see in Tbilisi, Georgia

Posted by on May 13, 2012

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The big city of Tbilisi is the center of everything for Georgia since this hub attracts locals and tourists alike. It is something surrounded with history and dramatic setting especially on the side of the Mtkvari River. The old town serves as a crossroads with alleys, buildings, old houses and inns. The city is becoming more and more modern as it moves to the future. There is a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants for tourists and night life is as busy as ever. New buildings are being constructed from presidential palace, hotels, malls and other leisure facilities. These will definitely give the capital center a new look. Among the three Caucasian capitals, this city shouldn’t be missed in a heartbeat. There are a lot of sites all over the city including the working class neighborhoods that are seeing a face lift.



  • The Fine Arts Museum is found in the northeast section of Tavisuplebis moedani. It holds a comprehensive collection of Georgian art works for several years. There are some sections that were closed due to problems but they will be open to go this summer. There is also a project to renovate the whole museum. The major highlight of the place is the treasury section area which holds a great collection of crosses, jewelries and other precious stones and metals.
  • Tsminda Sameba or the Holy TrinityCcathedral is found on the Elia Hill. This is a big symbol for post soviet religion. This is a landmark that shouldn’t be missed. It was constructed for over ten years. It is a great expression of traditional Georgian architecture which is made from concrete, marble and granite.
  • The Metekhi Church is built beside the statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali. This is also where he built his castle. It was also where the David the builder and Queen Tamar reside during their respected reign. During 1235, the Mongols destroyed the church. After that were several attempts to build the place.
  • The Open Air Museum of Ethnography is found in Vake Park.  It houses about seventy wooden houses that are spread out in the hillside. The place is offering great scenery so you will have an enjoyable visit. There are interesting exhibits near the entrance.
  • The Narikala Fortress dominates the skyline of the city. It is a brilliant symbol of the city’s defense. The walls are dating back to 4th century. The church of Saint Nicholas can also be found within the city walls but you should know that the Russian bombed the whole place during 1827. The church was then rebuilt in the 90s.

Tbilisi photo: Morieli

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