What to see in Sydney: the tour of the buildings

Posted by on January 22, 2013

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Every year Sydney celebrates the World Green Building Week and this gives us the starting point for an alternative and sustainable trail in the city, in search of the architecture later in terms of green philosophy.I decided to visit the marvelous city last year and I don’t regret spending all the money that I spent. I took and expensive flight, I opted for Good2Go Travel Insurance and I did most of my shopping in the city center. If you like architecture (like me) the site of the Green building council Australia will help you, providing a list of places to visit if you’re in town, especially if you love walking to discover the trends that you have planned ahead.



The Sustainable Sydney Walking Tour is an environmentally friendly way of tourism, in their page you can download virtual maps into your tablet or the pdf version to print a guide as you move in the city; it is a walk of 4 km with a life expectancy of about an hour:

1 Bligh Street – A building housing on the double facade made of biological materials and designed according to the criteria of maximum energy savings, here there is also a system to recycle rainwater and reuse it for the plants on the roof garden

30 The Bond – With its ventilation and shading this building produces up to 30% less emissions of dioxide of carbon to a normal stage, also its stone walls contribute to the natural cooling of the interior, of course, the roof garden here is on the roof.

One Shelley Street – It is a dark blue construction covered with a white spider structure, its dark blue glasses are designed to let in the optimum light, while reducing the overheating factor. As above, it has a filtering system and recovery of water.

• Darling Quarter – It is a must see, especially if you’re with the family, because here’s the most spectacular playground of Australia, this complex was built with materials with low environmental impact; it has a plant that produces energy, heating and air conditioning low-emission ( all waste materials of its construction are recycled ).

161 Castlereagh Street – It is a skyscraper of 50 floors with an integrated system that allows you to heat the water with the excess heat generated from the production of air conditioning which is fitted with solar sensors and external systems for rainwater recovery.

GreenHouse – It took only 5 months to build and bidget this relatively small building. The reason was to create work environments in comfort and productivity; furniture and objects are reduced to the bare minimum, not missing the container with worms to generate compost, where those who work here can then take home to fertilize his garden / garden. Finally, of course, parking for free is available to the staff.

It will be a good lesson of civilization that reaches halfway around the world and certainly one more excuse to fly to Sidney, already known for the way of life in general. Finally,  if you want a taste of this way of living in the long term, have a look at the site Sydney 2030, where there are a lot of ideas for suggestion.

Photo: planetware

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