What to see in Bratislava, Slovakia

Posted by on May 13, 2012

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If you want a glimpse of history and culture of the central Europe then you need to visit Bratislava. This city is the capital of Slovakia which is several kilometers from Vienna, Hungary and Czech Republic.  It is located on the Banks of Danube River bordering the Carpathian Mountains. The history of the place dates back 2000 years ago during the Celtic times. Royal families were attracted to the beauty of the place. However the city has seen dark period during World War 2 followed by four decades of communism. Over the past few years, it has undergone reconstruction and awakening of the culture. For this reason, a lot of tourists choose this perfect spot for their city break. The charm of the old town is filled with gothic treasures and amazing night life. Once there do not miss:

  • The huge Bratislava Castle dominates the whole city which is situated at the top of the hill. This structure was built by the Celts during the first century BC. Germans, Austrians, Romans among others have ruled the place for years. The castle was the home of the Hungarian kings. It was repeatedly reconstructed a lot of times depending on the person living in the castle. It is now giving space to the Slovak National Museum.
  • St Martin’s Cathedral is a Gothic dome that was built in 1452. The place served as a coronation venue for emperors. There are more than twenty kings that were crowned here. On the church tower is where you can find a replica of the Hungarian Royal Crown.
  • Michael’s Gate is one of the watch towers that survived till today. It was built during the fortification of the city and it is over 50 meters in height. The structure was constructed during the 14th century and reconstructed a lot of times. The place offers a great view of the entire city.
  • Academia Istropolitan is the first university in the whole country of Slovakia. This institution was established in 1465 by the King Mathias Corvinus. This historical place is a home of cultural legacy which is the Academy of Fine Arts.
  • The Grassalkovich Palace was built as a rest house for the Grassalkovich family during 18th century. It is a center of the social life of aristocracy. It is also visited by a lot of monarch. It was reconstructed during 1996. It is now the home of the president of the Republic of Slovakia. The garden is now open to the public.

Bratislava photo: Martin H 1985

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