What to Do When Stuck at the Airport and Survive Another Day

Posted by on November 22, 2014

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Delayed flight. Nightmare. Cancelled flight. Horrific.

Either way, your travel plans will be ruined. You might as well throw your organizer out the window, if you find one that’s open in the airport, because there’s a huge possibility you’ll be cancelling some of your appointments. But just when you think nothing could get worse, a PA just went out requesting everyone to stay inside the airport because of a raging storm.


Even under the circumstances, it’s not the end of the world for you yet. There are ways to survive the experience and stay sane as you walk into what could be a scene of the movie The Terminal.

Don’t let the panic take control of you

It’s okay to panic, stress out or get angry after you learn about your fate, but get over it as quickly as possible. There’s nothing much you can do when the forces of nature are working against you. Instead, find some workarounds. As long as there are other flight options available, get yourself re-booked online or through airline reservation desks at the airport. When you get busy, you can forget about your worries, even just for a while.


Find alternative routes

Were you supposed to go to London? If your flight is cancelled until the next day, look into available flights to Manchester, which is just 3 to 4 hours away. Taking a train or other transportation option to get to your destination may seem inconvenient, but at least it guarantees you’ll get there.

Get comfortable

If you’re not willing to switch routes or airports, you might as well resign to the fact that you will be staying at the airport until your plane is ready to leave. The sooner you get to terms with your situation, the sooner you can get a day pass to an airport lounge or find a nook where you can comfortably sleep, read a book or while away the time.


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