Val d’Elsa of San Gimignano in Italy | A town full of emotions

Posted by on March 17, 2013

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You already know Tuscany but have you ever been to San Gimignano? Or maybe you have been there but have you explored this magnificent village that has been nicknamed Manhattan of the Middle Ages? In both cases here is a custom location to visit in San Gimignano to spend a really special holiday. According to, the best option is to book an elegant country house especially for those who love nature and do not seek an expensive hotel without identity.

Val d'Elsa panorama

Val d’Elsa panorama

Val d'Elsa Rustic Town

Val d’Elsa Rustic Town

Before leaving take a look at the map. San Gimignano is located on a hill in Val d’Elsa near Siena and you can see from a distance its 16 towers, the remains of an important past, the golden age between the twelfth and the thirteenth century when the towers were 72. For this reason you should visit the Torre Grossa, the city’s tallest tower (54 meters) and is located next to the new Palazzo del Podestà. It is open to the public and accessible with the same ticket as the Museum, the second leg of this journey among the treasures of the village. The museum is inside a gallery where you can admire a large altarpiece by Pinturicchio, the Sala di Dante (a prestigious guest of this town was indeed the author of the Divine Comedy!) And the Hall of Secret Meetings used by city ​​government and characterized by inlaid and carved wooden seats. Take some time to take a walk through the village as it has largely remained unchanged since the Middle Ages and by virtue of its architectural style was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Val d'Elsa Entrance

Val d’Elsa Entrance

Val d'Elsa Hole in the Field

Val d’Elsa Hole in the Field

One of the most evocative and unique places in San Gimignano is Piazza della Cisterna named after the octagonal well in travertine at the center of the square which defines the role of this part of the town where there was a market that was set up as the stage for festivals and tournaments. On the north side of the square is one of my favorite towers, the Torre del Diavolo, the height of which according to legend is the work of the devil. From here you can reach another very impressive museum, San Gimignano 1300, in Berignano 23. It is a museum that traces the history of the village with its replica in 1:100 of the entire city in ceramics beautifully executed entirely by hand.

Val d'Elsa Town interior

Val d’Elsa Town interior

Val d'Elsa Clocktower

Val d’Elsa Clocktower

In other words, it is possible to combine a holiday with history and artistic masterpieces with a sensory journey through exclusive wine produced by local vineyards. You will be surprised by how many things the small city of towers can offer.

Val d'Elsa The Two Towers

Val d’Elsa The Two Towers

Val d’Elsa photos: Brian de Lore, Pandagianni, lucesucarta, musical photoman, heavenuphere, valeriani armando, Carlo Danese.

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