Unforgettable memories: The importance of family holidays

Posted by on June 14, 2013

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With the great British summer soon to be upon us and the kids approaching the end of yet another year at school, it will soon be time to take the whole family on a well-deserved break.

Family holidays

Family holidays

While organising any trip is a process we’d all like to avoid, some of our most cherished and unforgettable childhood memories come from being on holiday. Therefore, creating new moments and experiences to remember for a lifetime is incredibly important for our own offspring.

Traditional family holidays
In the days before the whole world was on our doorstep, taking a break from the norm was a fairly mundane process. The seaside never seemed that far away, while camping in the country was a regular occurrence. Back then, the Isle of Wight was considered exotic and the south of France seemed a million miles away.

From personal experience, digging a hole in the sand with Dad or having to endure Mum’s questionable cooking on the portable stove will stay with me forever. However, it is these incidents than live longest in the memory and provide us with numerous stories to recall over the years.

Still, our parents and elderly family members knew the value of spending time together and recognised the importance of going away. Not necessarily to experience a new country or different way of life, but to enjoy each other’s company and share a moment in time together.

A new world
While we all hope to recreate long-lasting memories for our own family, there is now a greater opportunity to give youngsters some life-changing experiences. With numerous destinations around the world more accessible than ever before, parents have the chance to take their children on thrilling adventures.

What’s more, cheap family holidays 2013 are plentiful and available all-year round, so getting away from the regular routine has never been easier.

Traveling to destinations with a rich culture and diverse history broadens an inquisitive kid’s mind, without having a tedious focus on education and learning. Just being away from home stirs the senses and opens the mind.

Sure there is still the prospect of leaving a child with humiliating memories from their embarrassing parents, but once again they are sure to reminisce and treasure these times forever.

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