Traveling to Corfu, Greece

Posted by on May 13, 2012

Corfu or Kerkyra for the locals is the second biggest and greenest among several islands in Ionian. It is also considered the most popular. The famous ancient greek epic poet Homer considered it the most beautiful and rich land. There are vegetables and herbs that grow in the area. This is due to the rainfall that it receives especially on spring time. Because of the wild flowers, cypress, and olives, the place is considered to be very beautiful. Based on Greek mythology, the island acquires the name from the daughter of the river god. There are many books that use Corfu as a backdrop.

Old Citadel, Corfu
Old Citadel, Corfu

The endless beauty of Corfu is said to be the reason why a lot of people visit this island of song and music. It offers inspiration to writers and musicians. It is a mixture of tradition and modernity. Any visitors exploring the place would have unforgettable memories. You will be excited with the images that you see. It is definitely an enrichment to the soul. By visiting the area, you will be paying homage to the culture of seven islands. There are a lot of elements that make this place a paradise.

The island is blessed by God. There are poets that were inspired by the beauty of the place. Also called as Green Island, the place is filled with great beaches and landscape. The island is very exquisite. It will surely meet the desires and needs of any visitors. If you love to go island hopping, Corfu is a great place to start. The closest islands would include Lefkada, Ithaki and Kefalonia among others. If you want to visit Corfu, prepare yourself to have an unparalleled experience that will last for years.

Myrtiotissa Beach, Corfu
Myrtiotissa Beach, Corfu

Corfu features natural beauties and a bunch of archaeological sites. It is found on the north area of the Ionian sea. It is also said to be the gate to the Adriatic sea. The Greek island is said to be filled with miracles where there are changes of scenes without affecting the terrain. There are over three million olive trees in the area. The countryside is filled with flowers. The traditional villages are Adriatic in style. The coastal scenery is very splendid. There are excellent and secluded village if you want your privacy.

The island is described to be cosmopolitan as you can combine relaxation and great nightlife. This international travel destination is something that could satisfy the demands of any traveler.

Corfu photo 1: dolcedanielle, Corfu photo 2: ofthalmos

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