Traveling Safely Where Safety Is a Concern

Posted by on October 11, 2014

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Cyclones, floods, Ebola outbreak, terrorism—these scary events shouldn’t keep you locked up inside your house and missing out on all the fun stuff. True, traveling during scary times can be really scary. There’s just no other way to describe it. There’s no point in letting your fear keep you from doing what you love either. With that said, plan your vacation but…

Make sure you stay informed.

When choosing a destination, read travel advisories and warnings from reputable and reliable sources. Don’t be conned into believing something that isn’t true. Only believe the facts.


Weigh the risks involved.

Is it really worth traveling to a particular location? Even if travel bans aren’t imposed, it doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. Visiting a place under MERS alert, for instance, may not be worth it. But a hurricane that only affects a certain area is something you can handle. Just don’t go where the typhoon is to avoid problems.


Don’t let fear take control.

The media tend to exaggerate, raising fear needlessly. Before you cancel your trip based on a single news report, compounded by the fears that friends and family express, research some more. Find out if the odds are in your favor or against it.


Listen to what your gut is telling you.

If your upcoming vacation is keeping you up for all the wrong reasons, consider postponing it until the air clears. Don’t cancel because you’re scared, do it because it doesn’t feel right. There’s a big difference between the two.

Safety should be priority wherever you go. But if you’re off to a not-so-safe destination, set up precautionary measures. Make sure you’re comfortable going where you’re going, especially where language and communication is concerned. Stay connected at all times for your family’s peace of mind. Don’t draw unnecessary attention towards you to avoid problems. Take note of all these and you’ll be good to go.

5825408292_ac6caefb9b_bSafety Travel tips photos by Don McCullough (1st and 2nd images of the post), Ferran Jordà and Moyan Brenn.

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