Traveling and smoking with an electronic cigarette is possible

Posted by on November 30, 2012

All around the world smokers are crazy about the new electronic cigarette. The biggest cities in Europe are conquered by the popularity of electronic cigarettes, which allows the smoker to smoke a variety of flavours of their choice (tobacco, green apple, chocolate green tea, rum and aniseed) without emitting toxic smoke from combustion like traditional cigarettes by simply emitting water vapour.

Traveling and smoking

Traveling and smoking

Electric Cigarettes have proved a successful alternative to smoking as evidenced by the European exhibitions in pharmacies and other specialized stores have shown. They are also not seen as harmful to the human body as smoking real cigarettes. In America it is expected that the business related to electronic cigarettes will double up within the next year. Cardiologists have agreed that there is favourable opinion as regards to the effects on people’s heart from those smoking traditional cigarettes compared to those smoking electric cigarettes.

According to researchers there is a reference point in the sector of Paris and Berlin and their provinces showing that there is a constantly increasing number of smokers who smoke the electronic cigarettes whilst travelling, especially in the commuting transfers to work. The electronic cigarette, in fact can be smoked anywhere, even indoors and in public because the ‘smoke’ emitted is not harmful smoke and a clear, non-toxic, non-smelling water vapour. Moreover, there are a lot of magazines reporting that the cigarettes are used in Atlantic flights, in which passengers fly more than 3 hours. Smoking in cars creates extremely toxic levels of omitted chemicals and this is not only harmful to the smoker but also passively to the passengers. Smoking electric cigarettes in cars is also a much safer option without the use of naked flames and dropping ash.

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