Top five summer holiday activities for families

Posted by on July 24, 2013

When holidaying with the family, keeping everyone entertained can be difficult. From activities that exude family fun to sports which give mum and dad some much needed time alone, here are our top five summer holiday activities for families.

Family summer vacations

Family summer vacations

1. Swimming

An essential skill that just happens to be plenty of fun, kids love nothing more than spending time in the water. Whether you opt for the cool waters of the resort swimming pool or the rougher waves of the sea, make sure you take everything you need and invest in floatation supports for younger children who may require extra help.

2. Cycling

Load your own bicycles onto your car or hire some at your chosen resort and take to the roads with your family in tow. Make sure younger children know how to navigate unfamiliar areas safely and enjoy exploring the local area at your own pace.

3. Golf

A great option for dads, an afternoon spent on the green is a great way to get away from it all. Older children might enjoy the chance to give this classic game a try and you can find all specific golf insurance from travel insurance policies including Allianz Global Assistance. Whether you’re semi-professional or just getting started, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment  to get to grips with the course. Portugal and Florida are both held in high esteem  but for golfing options a little close to home you’ll find the facilities in Mount Juliet (Ireland) and McDonald Hill Valley (Cheshire, England) top notch. Alternatively, why not head to Scotland and enjoy a round of golf in the country where the sport originated?

4. Rock Climbing

For adventurous types, why not tire the kids out with a spot of rock climbing? Plenty of resorts offer indoor facilities so you know high levels of safety will be guaranteed and it’ll give your kids a great holiday story to share with their friends back home.

5. Watersports

Whether it is scuba diving or surfing, you’ll find plenty of exciting watersports to keep everyone entertained on the country’s coasts. Cornwall is known for its impressive waters but there are plenty of other coastal locations which offer a great range of activities. If you want something a little slower in pace then why not try your hand at sailing or take part in a boat trip? This is great opportunity to bond with your family and you never know what delightful underwater creatures you might stumble across on your travels!

Travel photo: mmsea

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