Top 5 Essentials for Corporate Travel

Posted by on December 28, 2012

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When you travel a lot on business, the disconnected nature of it all can begin to grate. On top of that, you have work to do and the need to stay in touch with your company, so the last thing you need are problems that make your job nigh-on impossible. Here are five corporate travel items you should never be without:

Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

Spare battery power. With the laptop and smartphone such a vital part of modern business, the last thing you want is to find yourself out of juice and with no time or place to recharge. Don’t run the risk of becoming cut off from the world; always pack a spare battery for your computer and your phone.

Earplugs and sleep mask. Or if you prefer the more high-tech option, earphones and a sound machine, the aim is the same – to enable sound sleep whether you’re on the plane, train, or a noisy hotel room. Soothing silence and darkness will help you get such much-needed down time whenever you wish, leaving you revitalised for those important business engagements and client meetings.

Non-wrinkle clothing. If you’re going to be living out of a suitcase, then you don’t want to waste time ironing clothes with a miniscule travel iron, or waiting nervously for hotel services to get your clothes back. Pack your suitcase with wrinkle-free clothing to avoid looking crumpled and weary in business meetings.

Laptop bag. Sounds obvious? Well, we’re not talking about any old laptop bag – you’ll be needing a bag that’s not only comfy to carry, but also protects your vital laptop from knocks and impacts. Travel’s not only tough on you, it’s tough on your technology, and the thought of your laptop failing in the midst of your trip should fill you with horrors.

Pens and memo pad. Sometimes the old-school solutions are the best ones. Sometimes it’s simpler and quicker to just take some written notes than boot up the laptop.

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