Tips for a holiday on the dangerous beaches of Australia with seniors travel insurance

Posted by on March 20, 2013

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Australia has miles and miles of beautiful beaches, bathrooms and security measures to meet any type of emergency. The first aid and rescue of Australian beaches is very efficient. However, there are some small tricks to remember if you are on holiday in Australia and wish to explore the fantastic beaches of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Port Douglas, Cairns and Victoria. In fact there are many dangers you need to look out for even with seniors travel insurance and that goes for the elderly too.

1. The flags on the beaches indicate safe areas for swimming. Outside the areas indicated there is a ban on swimming due to the strong currents that draw people to the sea. So if you are not in a hurry to reach South America and Africa always swim in areas marked by flags.
2. Have fun in safety. Never swim alone and avoid venturing out to sea suddenly because rocks or other dangers are lurking.
3. Do not swim after drinking alcohol, especially at night. I’ve tried, with results far from reassuring.
4. Beware of sharks since they are a real danger. You may capture a white shark in a great picture but it would not counter you with the same sympathy.
5. In Queensland you may encounter some of the most poisonous animals in the world such as the dreaded jellyfish cube. According to survivors stings are painful and difficult to treat. Which could mean a long stay in hospital. Be sure to check for any signs of danger and not take risks.
6. The blue ringed octopus is a small creature that is hidden among the rocks and is so dangerous as to be able to kill an adult. So if you see blue rings come to you step back immediately.

Dangerous Current

Dangerous Current

7. In Northern Australia crocodiles can grow up to 5 meters in length and have the dominance of the environment in which they live. So do not camp near rivers and if you come across a distress signal (those with the image of the crocodile) stay away from the area.
8. The Rock fishing or fishing from the rocks and cliffs is the most frequent cause of death among fishing enthusiasts. Before you make this technique take heed to the tides and make sure to find a secure location on the rocks without having to fight with the advance of water.
9. The cuts from coral become infected easily but it is a problem that can be avoided. Usually antibiotics are the ideal solution but you need to immediately start treatment. Septicemia is not funny.

Beach Flags

Beach Flags

10. If you have children, even very small, be sure to pay attention to all the dangers mentioned above. Keep them away and safe from everything that seems unusual or unknown and, as always, be careful not to lose sight on the beaches, especially those with rocks that lead straight into the deep waters.
The beaches are an integral part of the Australian way of life. All public beaches are very safe but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Australian Dangers photos: Black Diamond Images, luxiferre.

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