Tips and Tricks to Traveling Light

Posted by on February 11, 2016

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They say that a measure of a good traveler is how light he or she travels. Certainly, you will never meet a traveler, who after completing five or more trips still packs more than two bags. Avid travelers know that the key to traveling happily, cheaply, and easily is traveling light.

If you’re still packing like you’re never going back, here’s some nifty tips and tricks on how to travel light.

One bag and that’s it


Make it a self-imposed rule to travel with just a single bag – whether it’s a backpack or suitcase. If you’re going to travel by air, go for a 9″x21″x14″-size carry-on or smaller. This will fit perfectly on the overhead bin.

You will find it difficult to fit in everything together in such a small space, but you’ll get used to it over time and enjoy the freedom it brings. With a small, light bag in tow, you can walk anywhere with your luggage, comfortably have your bag on your lap or under your seat while inside a taxi or train, or even go around shopping.

Bring only the essentials


Fitting a whole trip’s worth of luggage into a small bag is not just possible. Which is why you need to bring only the essentials. Creating a list of what you can and can’t live without is a good start. Or you can spread all your belongings on the floor and then pick up each item one at a time and then check if it is really important. Items like deodorant, soap, shampoo and toothpaste are available even in remote cities, so you don’t probably need to bring these items.


Pack clothes in clothes compressor

One easy way to fit more clothes into your backpack or suitcase is to pack them in airless baggies, air compressor or clothes compressor. This allows you to shove more things into your small, while allowing more space for other stuff.


In your trip, you will meet two kinds of travelers: those who pack light and those who wish they did. Which one are you?

Photos by: Stein Magne BjørklundSonia BelvisoRichard MorossJesús Gorriti

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