Three Common Preconceptions About Cruising That Aren’t True

Posted by on June 24, 2013

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Three Common Preconceptions About Cruising That Aren’t True As a tourist, you will find beautiful destinations to visit around the world. The UK has various regions that offer great cruises, such as Western Europe and the British Isles. There are a variety of cruise-lines that offer year-round mini cruises like these to locations in Europe and more exotic destinations around the world. Going on a cruise can be a great method of relaxation and fun. If you have never been on a cruise before, you may have some preconceptions about what actually occurs on the cruise ship. These preconceptions could be based on the information you received from a family member or friend, or you can read an online review about a particular cruise-line. While reviews are great insight to an actual cruise, not all reviews are accurate.



Time Length

There are four-day cruises, and there are some cruises that last more than 10 days. You may think the shorter cruises are a waste of time and money. This is a false preconception. It is true that the longer your cruise is, the more destinations you will likely visit. The longer cruises are in no way more luxurious than shorter cruises. The style of the cruise ship will be different – based on the size of the ship. More amenities are available on larger ships, due to more space. The length of your cruise, however, will not affect the type of amenities you receive while on board.


You may feel once you are on the cruise ship, you will be bored in a day. This is not the case. Ships are designed to suit the styles and likes of different passengers. You may not be too keen on nightclubs and bars, but you could enjoy a show or production in the theatre room located on the ship. Each day – and night – different entertainment is provided for both adults and children to enjoy while on board. Other activities you can partake in include: cinema shows, restaurants, libraries, gyms, casinos, swimming pools, shops and more. The types of amenities and entertainment will vary with each cruise-line and ship.

Over-Crowded Ships

When you think of cruise ships, you may think of a large vessel, packed with thousands of cruisers, and no room to spare. This is one of the more frequent assumptions travellers make about cruise ships, and it could not be farther from the truth. Some cruise-ships do carry more than 6000 passengers – in addition to the crew and staff – but these ships are accustomed to carrying a large amount of travellers. The cruise ships are designed to hold a specific amount of people, comfortably. Do not be under the misconception that all cruises are for large parties, because this is not true. In fact, you can take small cruises that allow 1000 passengers on-board. River cruises are also more intimate cruises that you can take. Even though some cruise-lines have a few similarities, each passenger will have a different experience while cruising to various islands and locations around the world. You should never let a preconception keep you from taking a cruise.

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