The Himalayan Golf Course

Posted by on June 3, 2013

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For golf enthusiasts, The Himalayan Golf Course in Pokhara (Nepal) has one of the ten best golf courses in the world. Designed and built by a former Army Commander Major English in order to maintain the pristine natural environment, is active since 1998 and each year hosts the Surya Nepal Western Open, a tournament famous at the professional level. Thanks to its pleasant subtropical climate, here in Pokhara you can play at any time throughout the year. The summers have an average temperature of 27 ° C and the monsoon rains of late afternoon helps to lower the temperature. The best season is definitely the winter that offers exceptional visibility by making this excellent time of year for a round of golf.

Himalayan golf

 The Club House is suspended at the edge of a cliff of 76 m from where you can admire the golf course, the overwhelming canyon formed by the waters of the river Bijayapur and the Himalayan snow-capped peaks of the Annapurna mountain range. In addition to the spectacular Himalayan landscape, many species of wildlife Nepalese attend the camp and you can meet easily foxes, monkeys, hawks and eagles. Regarding your dressing code; it should be golf appropriate in order to be taken into consideration. Have a look at Zalando because they do offer a wide variety of shoes, golf raglan, cardigans, polo t-shirts and jumpers that can be useful for you or a member of the crew that will be following you in this experience.

Himalayan Golf course

But now we can go into an eloquent description of the field and of the holes, in which fans will recognize the uniqueness of one of the most spectacular golf courses in the world. The course is a par 73 with two rounds of 9 holes and a distance of more than 6 thousand meters from the championship tees. Includes 11 greens and different areas of origin and the majority are located within a canyon overwhelming, created by the snow-capped Himalayas that gives rise to the waters of the river. The holes 1 and 2 of the path to the HGC are relatively simple, given the flat land surrounding the Club House.

Golf course

Only when you reach the third hole, you will truly understand the unique character of our golf course. From the panoramic pit raised, one is confronted with the Himalayan peak Fishtail, with the canyon formed by the river that runs 30 meters below the falls that Duranti and with the monsoons coming back to life in all their magnificence. At a distance of about 274 me 28 m down a small flag indicates the point at which you should throw the ball in just four shots.

The fifth hole is regarded as the only hole in the world on a natural island in the river and recently appointed as such by the architects working in the field. Watching professionals popping their second shot at hole seven, which is a par 5, leaves viewers in a state of venerable esteem and wonder.

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