The Best Las Vegas Times for Less Dimes

Posted by on February 22, 2013

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One of my favorite playgrounds is Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a place I can play, eat, shop, experience, relax, and shockingly spend a small fortune. While I love travelling to Las Vegas, I am on a mission to find ways to save money in the city where the house always wins. From travelling to and from Las Vegas to places to stay and eat, shopping, shows, and style there are many opportunities to save money in Las Vegas. Just because I don’t want to spend my entire savings, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun in Sin City.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas


So the last time we went to Vegas we spent a lot on our travel expenses on our trip out there this year I swore we would correct these issues, and spend less so we could bring some souvenirs home this time.  After searching high and low for solutions I found three good options.  One is to use Craig’s List to find a car pool headed to Vegas.  This solution is not wise if you do not take care and meet ahead of time and get and give detailed information and leave it with someone safe at home for your safety as it is a long trip to Vegas with a stranger.  The other options are buses which are admittedly more expensive than the first option but a good bit safer. The final option is to book early for your flight plans, or even online for special cheap Las Vagas holiday deals that will save you even more. You can look here for some good deals for low cost Las Vegas air fares. Websites like Expedia, Kayak, and Priceline can save you a lot of money if you schedule ahead of time and are flexible on your travel dates.


Hotels in Las Vegas can range widely in the prices. The best times to stay and play in Vegas are the weekdays between Monday and Thursday. On these days the prices drop widely. When I was booking my trip I decide for a midweek stay and this saved me hundreds of dollars on the hotel suite I decided on. I was shocked at the price differences as I was suffering on the hotel booking websites between a Tuesday stay and Saturday. Another tip a friend gave me was to avoid the holiday weekends and scheduling during big events like prize fights as this is in Vegas is inundated with tourist, college students, and visitors.

You want to pick the hotel that fits your needs. If you don’t ‘need’ to stay on the strip, explore the off-strip options but if you are spending most of your time on the strip then look into the various options available. Many of the hotels have savings and frequent visitor clubs that will save you with significant percentage discounts, free days, free meals, free shows and more. Always remember to ask for incentives. By doing this I get an additional 15 percent of my hotel room and two free meals. These savings really start to add up when you use them efficiently.


I am a self-professed foodie and budding home cook so Las Vegas is a mecca for me. Besides the gambling and world class shows, the culinary industry is exploding in Vegas. James Beard award winners, 5-star Michelin chefs, and a world of tastes and flavors await my taste buds. One of the best deals in Las Vegas is the buffets. This is a great way to save money and meet all the cravings of everyone in your group. Some hotels even offer an all-you-can-eat-all-day on the weekdays which means you pay on price to eat as much as you want as many times as you want all day long. If you want something other than a buffet, there are always current deals. After you choose your place to stay, ask the concierge at the desk about the current deals and specials in Vegas for meals. This person will be in touch with all the current deals and where to go.


While in Vegas, I wanted to shop for some great deals. I was in desperate need of some new clothes. A friend had told me to check out the second hand and vintage stores before I spent retail. I was amazed at my selection of flea markets, outlet stores, consignment stores, and more. Vegas is not only a great place to find a fashion deal but you can find clothing styles throughout the century. I found many gently used pieces to add to my wardrobe from the 20’s to the 80’s. Check out Vantinos Zootsuit, Dloe House of Style and Buffalo Exchange for amazing vintage finds. All the clothing is clean, spot and damage free. My niece loved going through the racks and imagining what she would wear next.


One place to show off your new styles is when you go out in Vegas. While the city is incredibly laid back and you can wear pretty much anything you like, formal shows and fine dining to expect you to dress the part. Vegas continue to surprise me with all the new changes and experiences. This last trip I took my fashionista niece who loves new clothes, fun sparkly objects, and shopping so to finish our trip I had to find fashion show for us to explore. This took us to the Fashion Show mall which hosts a fashion show every day on the 80-foot retractable runway. The show is free and so much fun.

Shows & Entertainment

Another issue we had was finding affordable entertainment in Vegas.  As I researched our next trip I found these shows that were affordable.  American Storm: Adult entertainment for the girls, American Superstars: a tribute show to the best of Americas iconic singers, Mac King at Harrah’s: Your entire family can have a great time at this afternoon show at Harrah’s, The Mentalist at the V Theater: Comedy, magic and mental manipulation, Vinnie Favorito: Entertaining low brow humor for less than most Vegas shows, Defending the Cavemen: A fun show about relationships between a man and a woman. And if money is too tight for these I would recommend these free or nearly free sites:  MGM Grand gift shop for the hit show CSI filled with memorabilia perfect for the CSI lover in any family,  the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art has a general admission price of $15 per person and art worth seeing again and again, Looking at The Bellagio Hotel Conservatory’s beautiful flowers is absolutely free, You can go to the M&M store located on the strip and enjoy the candy and iconic sites, and finally the Fremont Street Experience is a must-see. This is old Vegas. There is a fabulous night show that starts at dusk. The display is overhead, so look up. Spend time at The Four Queens Casino and the Golden Nugget, take a picture of the famous winking cowboy sign, and visit the souvenir shops in this area.

Las Vegas is an amazing playground where I go with my family to have fun and explore all that the city has to offer. There is a multitude of things to do and places to go without breaking the budget. Remember to plan ahead, budget, look for coupons, and ask for incentives and discounts.

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