The Best beaches in Spain

Posted by on May 13, 2012

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Spain is strategically sandwiched between France and Portugal. Although this is the case, the country is not short of sand, sun and sea. It is actually complemented by beautiful sunshine the whole year. This has certainly attracted thousands of beachgoers every year to enjoy everything that the country has to offer.

Sardinero - Costa Verde, Spain
Sardinero – Costa Verde, Spain

There are several beaches found in Spain.

• Costa del Sol is found in the southern area of Spain. This place is famous among the beaches in the region. It is known for its parties and the huge crowd it gathers. The beach features nice sand and calm water all throughout the year. The charming beach attracts a lot of people so if you want privacy then this is not an ideal choice. There are a bunch of resorts in the area that offer world class amenities. Aside from the sun, watch out for the traffic jams that lead to the area.

• Another beach found in the southeast coast is Costa Blanca which is found in the industrial city of Valencia. The top resorts in the area are always packed with European sun seekers all throughout the year. Although the surrounding is not the best scenery, the water is blue and the sand is white. The area receives only a small amount of rain which guarantees sun the whole year round.

• Costa brava is marked by rocks, bending roads and short stretches of sands. It is found in the cliff edge that borders Barcelona and France. There is quite a number of coves that are very charming. It dots the whole area of Costa Brava. Although there are only few undiscovered beaches in the Atlantic coast, you will feel a sense of wilderness when you visit the area. There are unique looking villas found in the coastline. Some of them are owned by Salvador Dali.

• Costa Verde or Green coast is like the shore of Ireland. When Spain weather is so hot, the temperature of the place remains temperate. It is located in the ancient province of Asturia which is a region filled with Roman structures and other Pilgrimage sites. This place is still undiscovered by tourists so much of its resources are still untapped. There are premiere resorts found in the area.

• Balearic Islands are just off the coast of the famous city of Barcelona. The archipelago is filled with rocks and sand that attracts a lot of local residents and tourists alike. The climate is much warmer compared to the mainland.

Spain Photo: elmuaca

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