Surviving the Frustrations of a Cancelled Flight

Posted by on December 31, 2015

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It can be extremely frustrating to learn your most anticipated flight is bound for cancellation. Sure, the airlines have their reasons, but the fact that you’ve been planning your trip for perhaps the longest while now – that’s a huge let down.

Here, we present tips to ease your disappointments, and although these won’t eliminate all the bad, at least it would spare you from transforming into a beast (if you know what we mean).

  1. Contact Your Airlines

No matter how much you hate them right now, they’re still the best people who can help. Normally, they’ll send you an email concerning the changes to your flight. They’re happy to offer you rebooking or refund options without charges, and to accommodate your requests.


  1. Keep Your Calm

Although they’re the ones to breach the deal, your airlines won’t give their best shot at helping you if you go hysterical and bad mouth the agent over the phone. Be honest about your feelings, but remain calm. Tell them you’re disappointed or angry, but keep a relax tone. Politely ask them to find a way to get you on board the second best flight available.


  1. Be Open to Changes

It’s next to impossible, but this may be your only option – to accept that things don’t always come your way the way you want them to. Meanwhile, make the necessary adjustments to your entire itinerary, factoring in the changes to your flight.


  1. Contact Other Suppliers/Vendors

You may have booked in advance a hotel room, or scheduled to meet someone. With the changes in your flight, you’ll need to alert people about your coming in earlier or later than planned. Let them know, so they too can adjust to your new schedule. This eases up further frustrations down the road.


  1. Make the Most of Your Trip

Frustrations are part of life. If you let a cancelled affect you so much, you’re at a loss. Find ways to enjoy your trip no matter what. There should be a thousand reasons to celebrate when you have a hundred reasons not to.

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