Surviving Air Travel like a Zen Master

Posted by on February 14, 2015

If you were one of the flight crew who was subjected to the “nut rage” that Korean Air executive Heather Cho pulled off, you would be jovial at the punishment she got. She probably deserved it and no amount of apology would help her case.


But for ordinary travelers who are at the mercy of other mean passengers and flight attendants, being able to give them a taste of their own medicine could make you feel better, although it does not have to turn ugly. If you want to survive air travel and enjoy peace all throughout your trip, there are some effective tricks you should employ.


Wear a mask

A surgeon’s face armor could be your life-saver too, literally. Aside from the fact that it will protect you from airborne diseases or a possible bird flu threat, it can shield you from the horrors of airline travel. People might stare at you, or even worry about their safety, but they will leave you in peace. The person next to you will show some concern and so would the rest of crew, from the ground to the cabin. Don’t forget to smile to help ease any worries, and just enjoy the rest of your flight.


Choose an exit row seat

No other area in the plane offers the most legroom than those close to the exit doors. Sure, you will be responsible for pulling the doors open whenever the need arises, but the possibility of that happening in one of your flights is very slim. So make sure you check in early and choose one of the exit row seats. Better yet, check in online so you know that the seat is yours and yours alone. With plenty of legroom, you can stretch regularly and avoid developing deep vein thrombosis.

In case such seats are no longer available, choose an aisle seat, especially during long-haul flights. You may not see the beauty of it outright, but wait until you feel like going to the bathroom.


Photos by: Yahoo Finance Canadakitty meets goat, and Nan Palmero

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