Stockholm: Sleep in a prison cell!

Posted by on June 8, 2012

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Imagine waking up in a prison cell. Yes you are in Stockholm. Are you thinking about what happened last night end you end up sleeping in a prison cell? There is no need to worry because you didn’t get arrested. You just spent a night at a renovated prison cell. The former Crown Remand Prison or Kronohäktet is not anymore what it used to be. It is now called the Långholmen’s Hostel where comfort is the name of the game.

Langholmen Prison hostel/hotel, Stockholm
Langholmen Prison hostel/hotel, Stockholm

There is no need to sleep on hard and uncomfortable bed bunks. You can now rest on cozy and well decorated rooms. Some of them even have their own shower and washroom.

Prison hostel's comfort room
Prison hostel’s comfort room

The property is found in south of Kungsholmen. During winter, it is a hotel but during summer it is a hostel. They also serve traditional Swedish cuisine which is perfect to those visiting the country for the first time.

Prison hostel's pub
Prison hostel’s pub

The building was constructed in 19th century. It was said to be an old jail house in the area. There is also a museum within the site called Långholmens Fängelsemuseum where you can see the history of the prison.

Långholmen Prison hostel/hotel.
Långholmen Prison hostel/hotel.

Although the cells are quite small they are perfectly designed to fit two people. There are other room amenities like book shelves and flat screen television. The beds are super comfortable.

Prison hostel's another type of room/cell :)
Prison hostel’s another type of room/cell 🙂

The breakfast that accompanies that lodge is great. You can eat as much food as you can take. You can also have extra sheets and towels for your comfort. It is a very short walk to T Bahn and Gamla Stan.

Prison hostel's main corridor at second floor
Prison hostel’s main corridor at second floor

If you want to save money, you can use their kitchen and cook your own food. You can buy supplies at a nearby supermarket. So, aside from the fun sleeping in a prison cell, you would want to go around the whole city. There is an IKEA store found in Kungens Kurva. This is considered the biggest with an area about of 55,200m². You can spend the whole day inside the store.

Wolrd's largest IKEA store, Stockholm
Wolrd’s largest IKEA store, Stockholm

If you are traveling with kids, you can think about visiting the Skansen which is an open air museum and zoo. This whole area is a small replica of traditional town found in 19thcentury.

Skansen, the Europe's first open air folk museum. Stockholm
Skansen, the Europe’s first open air folk museum. Stockholm

You can also visit the nearby Gamla Stan or old town. There are stores that sell typical Swedish handicraft, books and a variety of products.

Shops in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Shops in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Another way to experience that city is taking a boat tour. It will give you great sites from different vantage points. You will definitely have fun seeing the city.

View of Prins Carl Philip while on a boat trip
View of Prins Carl Philip while on a boat trip

There are a lot of things that you can do while in the city. Be sure to have a taste of the local cuisine that would tickle your taste buds.

Stockholm photo 1: Federica Peloso, Stockholm photo 2: Chrystinamaria, Stockholm photo 3&6: the egg uk, Stockholm photo 4: Marie Linder, Stockholm photo 5: Janet, Stockholm photo 7: letsgoing, Stockholm photo 8: Brendan bear, Stockholm photo 9: inger, Stockholm photo 10: wentao_yin12,

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