Rio de Janeiro announces more Blocos do Carnaval for 2013

Posted by on February 2, 2013

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The administration of Rio de Janeiro has a list of authorized Blocos do Carnival for 2013, which this year will be for 492, an increase of 16% over the previous year.

Rio Carnival 1 Rio Carnival 2 Rio Carnival 3 Rio Carnival 4

If the carnival world’s most famous is the one that takes place in the Sambadrome, which this year will take off the main samba schools on 10 and 11 February, the most attended and heard, because it is totally free and it is vibrant with noisy feasts of Blocos (for many the heart of the Carnival season). Some people say that every year there are at least four million people, who participate in these celebrations on the streets. If you are looking for a safe Rio de Janeiro accommodation then book in the city center because the safety in the neighborhoods is not guaranteed…

Rio Carnival 5 Rio Carnival 6

Each neighborhood has its own, and of the large number of Blocos and it happens that in the same day in Rio we take different Blocos, with great discomfort for motorists, forced to deal with road closures and detours.

Rio Carnival 7 Rio Carnival 8 Rio Carnival 9

The festivities for the carnival in Rio have already begun, with the first Blocos do Carnaval, which were held on January the 4th . Many others are still in the program, but of course most of these will take place during the week of Carnival, with the peak of parties organized in February the 9th till the 12th . Last Parade will be in February the 17th, with a Bloco to Rio downtown and another in Ipanema. Even though the holidays are coming back to the spirit of the festive origins, attracting more and more tourists, this does not mean that you have defeated the phenomenon of pickpockets. So watch out for pickpockets.

Photos:  Xavier Donat, /amf, William Kitzinger, Rodrigo Soldon, Segio A. Pereira.

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