Putting Off Holiday to Support Disaster-Stricken Nepal

Posted by on May 9, 2015

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Nepal is currently at its lowest, most tragic state right now, and you might be changing your travel plans and rerouting to Nepal to help. That is quite an admirable plan you got there, but before you start raising funds and buy that ticket, make sure you read these pieces of advice.


Make sure you have skills valuable and necessary for providing relief and aid to the community. If you only want to go to Nepal because your heart is aching to, but are not necessarily skilled as a volunteer, perhaps you are not what the Nepalese needs right now.

If you already have funds for a trip to Nepal, but have to change plans, consider offering to financially support a legit volunteer or donate your money to a legit charitable organization providing help for the recovery and development of Nepal.


If you already have tickets to Nepal, chances are that your flights got canceled in lieu of emergency flights that carry volunteers and aid to the disaster-stricken country. If you can have those tickets postponed, well and good. You can visit Nepal once it is reeling back into order. Or, you can have those tickets refunded and have those funds donated for Nepal’s recovery.


Yes, what Nepal needs right now is money, but money should be handed to the right organizations that use funds for their respective purposes. At the state of Nepalese infrastructure right now and with all the rubble and chaos, donating goods is impractical unless the organization you donate them to already has logistics in place.


Summer in many countries is about to unfold, and countless people are planning to go somewhere to enjoy the season. However, if you are truly aching to help disaster-stricken countries like Nepal, it may not hurt to put off this year’s holiday in order to raise funds for aiding other people. Nepal badly needs help, and if you can do something about it, then feel free to extend your kindness and generosity.

All photos belong to: DFID – UK Department for International Development

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