Places in London Perfect for Students and Business Travellers

Posted by on September 30, 2016

Whether you are a student in London or a traveller on business trip looking for places to prepare for an exam or do some research without having to squeeze yourself in crowded campus libraries or stay at the hotel and be distracted, there are spots you can find and be productive.

British Library

Located near King’s Cross, this is one of the best spots to be if you want to have a quiet place to study. This library boasts of 150 million titles and is second on the list with the greatest book collection worldwide. There is also the King’s Library restaurant where you can enjoy some grub while feeding your brain with knowledge. Catered by Peyton and Byrne, there are several study booths in the restaurant for work and study.


Ozone Coffee Roasters

This specialty coffee roastery is located in Leonard St. in London and offers not only delicious, fresh coffee, but also a relaxing and chic ambience with its industrial design. There are spacious wood countertops and benches to read, study and do some research in your laptop. You can even enjoy a weekend brunch with friends if you fancy having coffee and enjoying food, along with great service from the staff.



Another coffeehouse for both business people and students will enjoy this space for its work conducive environment where like-minded people gather. Whether you want to study while sipping your tea or work online while enjoying great food, pastries or buttered toast with jam, you can choose from the two venues they have located in Old Street and in Convent Garden. On weekdays, you can visit and stay up to 8 o’clock in the evening. You can start your day by having breakfast at Timberyard.



The favourite go-to place of University of London students and yuppies in the area, this kitsch study space offers a myriad of tea blends perfect for tea drinkers. What’s great about Yumchaa is that there are several stalls and shops scattered in Soho, King’s Cross and Camden. The the Tottenham Street teashop is recommended for long study periods as it is filled with tables and cosy armchairs.


Photos by: fabonthemoon, Alper Çuğun(((Fat Les))) and Garry Knight

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