Must-See Destinations in Australia for Animal Lovers

Posted by on November 28, 2013

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There are seemingly endless reasons to visit Australia. Some are drawn to its legendary surf scene, while others prefer its wine-tasting cellars and gourmet food festivals. Yet one of the primary reasons for young and old to pay a trip to the land down under is to see Australia’s native wildlife, up close and personal. You’ll find many animals here that don’t live anywhere else, from kangaroos to dingo. This diversity is partially due to the diversity of Australia’s landscape. Travelling around this vast country, you can experience the sights in jungles, snow-capped mountains, and deserts alike; all with their own distinct flora and fauna. The following are a few of the top locations to visit for animal lovers.

Kangaroo in australia

Fraser Island

If one of your primary interests is to see the annual migration of southern right whales, visit Fraser Island between the months of May and November for a good chance to catch a glimpse. This island is composed mainly of sand, with a 75-mile long beach to explore. In addition to the whales, you’ll find kangaroos, wallabies, and sea turtles who call Fraser Island their home.


One of Australia’s most famous attractions is its Great Barrier Reef, a place of astounding beauty and biodiversity. This is located just outside of Cairns, which makes a good starting point for exploring the coral reef’s delicate architecture. You can take diving or snorkelling tours to explore its colourful pathways and see some of the world’s most luminous sea life.

Great Ocean Road

Although many travellers choose to drive a convertible from to feel the wind in their hair and experience the sights of the Great Ocean Road, this famous motorway also has a great deal to offer nature enthusiasts. Located three hours away from Melbourne, this 150-mile stretch of road winds along Australia’s southern coast and features many stunning rock formations and picturesque beaches. There are many lookouts along the way to stop and watch for whales, as well as wildlife reserves dotted with hiking trails.

Kakadu National Park

One of the most diverse selections of wildlife in the world can be found in the massive Kakadu National Park, located near Darwin in the Northern Territory. You’ll find many plants which can only be found in Australia, along with enormous crocodiles, frilled lizards, and kangaroos. An added bonus is the abundance of Aboriginal art and culture, which can be found on rock formations and within the park’s galleries.

Kangaroo Island

You’ll find no shortage of kangaroos on Kangaroo Island, but this wildlife refuge is also home to koalas, seals, sea lions, and a wide range of sea birds including pelicans. In addition to viewing seal colonies and pulling out the binoculars to view rare bird life flying over the island, you can also enjoy the local agriculture. Kangaroo Island is swiftly becoming a top destination for foodies as well as animal lovers, thanks to its wineries and fresh seafood.

A trip to Australia can be memorable in many ways, allowing you to view rare creatures in their natural habitats and stunning landscapes along the way. Don’t forget to bring a good camera to capture it all on your personal Australian safari.

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