Learning the Right Foreign Language Opens Up Your Travel Horizons

Posted by on February 22, 2013

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If you love to travel then you have probably have picked up a few bits and pieces of different languages on your trips. However, what if you want to learn just one foreign language really well? Which one is most likely to open up your horizons most in the future?




The Spanish language is more widespread and more widely spoken than a lot of people think. For a start, it is spoken as on official or de facto language in almost all of Latin America.  Of course, it is the main language in Spain, although if you travel there you will also find some regional tongues to deal with. Even in Africa you will find your Spanish skills useful in Equatorial Guinea. Apart from these countries where it is a native language we also need to remember that it is spoken by immigrants and language students all over the world these days. For example, in the US it is the second most widely spoken language with around 50 million using it on a regular basis.


French has long been a global language and even today you might be surprised to see where you can speak to the locals using this tongue. It is used in Europe in a number of countries, such as France, Belgium and Switzerland. Africa is another region where it is particularly strong. Here you will find it spoken in countries such as Senegal, The Ivory Coast, Algeria and many others. The French language isn’t as widely spoken in Asia as it used to be but you can still find speakers in the area around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Finally, there is a high percentage of French speakers in parts of Oceania such as French Polynesia.


We can’t afford to forget English either, as this is often classified as the world’s most global language now. If isn’t your native tongue then getting a better knowledge of it can help your travelling no end. You will obviously find it essential to get by in place likes the US, the UK and Australia. However, wherever you go in the world these days you have a very good chance of finding someone who has at least a basic level of English whom you can speak to. If you aren’t confident of your language skills then you should take English courses in Miami no matter where it is that you plan to head off to.


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