It’s all in the planning!

Posted by on May 31, 2013

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I’m one of those sad people that enjoys the pre-holiday build-up. Whilst some people hate it, desperately counting down the hours and panicking about what they might forget, what they haven’t got time to do, and how they’re going to find time to clean the kitchen before they leave for a fortnight, I’m the total opposite. I don’t care about the cleaning the kitchen before I leave, I’m not going to be using it and the burglars won’t care anyway, and whilst I’m counting down the hours, it’s out of excitement, not panic.

Holiday planning

Holiday planning

I hate packing, that’s well documented, but that’s only because of my sheer frustration at trying to fit too much into a box on wheels that is far too small. Trying to zip it up is as panicky as I get.

My argument is that I work hard all year for my summer holidays, and whilst I’m guilty of going away more than once per year, I still believe that I should try and squeeze every little bit of time and enjoyment out of any holiday I book, and that starts from the moment I pay the balance in full.

I enjoy planning for every eventuality, and I enjoy finding bargains to add onto my holiday, to make it that little extra special, such as treats like booking an airport lounge, meaning plenty of me-time at the airport, and plenty of drinks and snacks to keep me going, or airport parking, meaning I can travel to my airport leisurely and in my own time. Another extra I love to book as a little treat is a hotel. I recently used

The moment I finish work for two weeks, I’m ready to go, I don’t want to hang around, so it makes sense to me that I grab my case and leave for the airport as soon as possible! Of course, hanging around the terminal with nothing to do is no fun, so a hotel gives me a bit of holiday luxury, somewhere to lay my head, the opportunity to have a delicious meal and a few drinks, and basically means I start my holiday sooner than I would have if I’d waited until the last minute. Oh, and it’s cheap, I forgot to mention that.

I tend to travel from Manchester Airport, because it’s nearer and I find flight prices cheaper when compared to nearer airports, such as East Midlands. Over the last year or so, I’ve found a great range of Manchester Airport hotels at my disposal, all fantastic value and offering a world of convenience and luxury. If this sounds like something you might want to consider for your own holiday, and I highly recommend it, then search for the range of hotels Manchester Airport, and you’re sure to find something to suit your budget and needs.

Of course, this great service is available at most large UK airports, including a fabulous range of Heathrow hotels, and when combined with airport parking, you’re sure to save plenty of money and really enhance your holiday experience to boot.

Planning a holiday is never a chore, not when you’re heading to the sun and starting that break earlier than you thought – happy holidays everyone!

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