How To Pack for a Snowy Holiday Getaway

Posted by on December 30, 2014

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Planning to go somewhere cold this holiday season? Then these tips would be timely.

Layers of dress.

You seriously have to dress in several layers if you want to survive in places with winters. Never underestimate how cold it could get because temperature could drop in very low degrees. Consider getting a heavy sweater which could be your sweet defense.

4084756322_bce82e5eed_oBest of coats.

You will soon find out that getting the best coat can mean everything to you. A good one though means that although you have kept yourself covered, you still have the freedom of movement. That is why you can choose one which has a central zipper or a button down which you can easily undo.

Warmest of socks and boots.

It is not only your limbs and trunk that should be covered but your feet too. They could also be the entry point of coldness that is why keeping them warm is necessary. Find socks which are made of wool and boots have to be water-resistant, with proper lining as well as non-slid.


Heating hats and ear covers.

You hair could never keep your head warm so you need winter hats and ear covers too. You may choose those hats which have flaps to serve as ear covering.

hat, gloves, scarf, and earmuffs

Hand protectors.

There are different gloves to choose from and they are usually made of different fibers depending on your choice. Choose also those which have good liners which are not harsh on your skin. Hand creams are also savers in keeping your hands from drying out.


Comfort food.

It is not only in clothing that you need to pack properly about but the food that you will bring as well. Choose those food which will keep you warm inside and could give you comfort through the winter. Warm soups and drinks are the usual choices. Having all of these set, then you are surely prepared to get into the snow.

Photos by: Maria Morri (first 2 images), Lisa WiderbergDan4th Nicholas

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