Getting the Best of London without Spending a Fortune

Posted by on July 22, 2016

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A lot of people may not consider the UK as their top destination of choice. Perhaps this is due to the financial concerns that they think on top of the opportunity to spend the holiday on a location that gives more value for money.

Well, there is more than one reason to celebrate as it is now more affordable to travel to the UK. In fact, more and more tourists are looking to book a trip to London among other leading destinations. Here are the top reasons why it should be worth every penny.

Free Attractions

4106407951_a01bc3f5c0_bThere are so many free attractions and landmarks that London has to offer. Among them are museums and art galleries, such as the Tate Britain, Tate Modern, British Museum, and the National Gallery. Other spots include outdoor spaces like the Hampstead Heath and Hyde Park.

Cycling or Walking Escapades


It is actually very ideal to ride a bike or walk with the use of the Boris bike scheme in the city. So aside from getting a good chance at seeing more sights, you might also get the chance to get healthy and fit as you can roam around the city with lots of things to feast your eyes on. Thus, you can walk or bike along between stations to visit Leicester Square and the Covent Garden.

London Pass


Another economical way to visit key destinations in the UK is to take advantage of the London Pass. You can get free access if you purchase a London Pass, which can get you to main attractions in London, such as the London Bridge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the Thames River Cruise.

Affordable Accommodations


London is also known to have budget-friendly hotel chains, hostels, bread and breakfast, and the Halls of Residence accommodations. You can even camp in London if you have to.

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