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Posted by on February 5, 2013

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Pre-travel stress can often mar the start of a holiday. Long-haul flights can leave you exhausted, pulling your hair out, and you spend the first few days recovering. In my eyes, that’s a waste of a few precious days!

Pre-travel stress

Pre-travel stress

Nobody enjoys packing, well I certainly don’t, and if you’re like me, you’ll be constantly checking for that passport, checking the straighteners are packed, where’s my eyeliner? Did I turn the oven off? It’s a long list of questions that leaves you exhausted before you even lock the front door. Then begins the journey …

Travelling need not be the worst part of a holiday, in fact there are ways to make it actually quite fun, by adding pre-booked airport extras into the mix. I recently discovered these little gems and have been hooked ever since, such as airport hotels, which are a fantastic godsend for early flights or long-haul travel; airport lounges, for when all you want to do is chill-out and not get stressed by the screaming children and manic travellers in the departure lounge; and my favourite of all – Manchester Airport parking with Holiday Extras.

Getting to the airport has never been my favourite part of travelling, in fact it’s up there with the worst bit of all – coming home! Leaving the house with your suitcase and getting to the terminal is often stressful, pricey, and in my experience tends to come along with bruised shins and toes being run over by over-ambitious attempts at lifting a suitcase onto a busy train. It’s never a pleasant experience. However, travelling from home to the airport in your own vehicle has many advantages, not least cutting out the need for expensive airport taxis, and pricey trains. It’s also worth looking at airport hotels. I’ve found some great deals on Manchester Airport hotels lately, and found the convenience fantastic too, meaning I arrived at the airport chilled-out and not with my blood pressure through the roof.

I had time to load my belongings into the car at leisure, and even stopped off on the way at the services for a coffee and a muffin, before parking up my car at Gatwick, and knowing it was well looked after whilst I was away. Job done.

Recently I booked the Sheraton Heathrow from and absolutely loved it! Staying there before I flew ensured I could start my holiday early and in style.

Be sure to check out the services on offer at your local airport. There are fantastic deals to be had all year around, and you’ll find you save a considerable amount when compared to taxis and public transport.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and I see no reason why that shouldn’t start from the moment you wake up on travel day, so check out these great value extras and make your holiday begin in the best possible way.

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