From Quebec to North Conway on our motorbikes

Posted by on December 26, 2012

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It was Friday the 27th of August and the 91st day of the trip. We’re almost coming to Québec, the state capital of the same name in Canada. There were missing only 50 KM. We finally crossed the state of Ontario. It seemed that would never end! But on the other hand we didn’t feel the time passing because of the beauty of the road. We were the whole time traveling between very flowery gardens that adorn the houses that line the road (they are known as 1000 Islands Parkway).

Québec City -  sun sets and magic rises

Québec City – sun sets and magic rises

My problem with the English language had finally been resolved. It was replaced by another even bigger: here the only speak French! Very strange, this country has two official languages, English and French. In the west, they only speak English; and here, just French. And the feeling is that here, the staff makes a point of not understanding English (seems complicated to me).

Édifice Price - Quebec city

Édifice Price – Quebec city

On the other hand, we had had no problems regarding the food. We have several options: the network has Tim Horton’s for breakfast, then there’s Tim Horton’s for lunch, a snack of TH for 4, and practices vary, TH for dinner (total madness). Today we will return to the United States, after a pleasant visit to Quebec City, and the Harley resale site. The people are very friendly, since they welcomed us with a broad smile, photos, memories and even some tips on the French language, in which, incidentally, already almost considered me fluent.

Conway Scenic Railroad

Conway Scenic Railroad

I don’t even know how to speak, I can almost understand (my writing is elementary). We visited the main sights of the city, especially the castle-Fairmont Château Frontenac. There was where we were hooked by the very beautiful and wonderful view of the St. Lawrence. After that we were housed in a nice roadside motel (almost like that movie Psycho), in the town of Rumford. Our target was the mount Washington and relax in one of the North Conway Hotels, where we were told that are affordable with a view to the mountain. We left St. Lawrence heading toward Conway.

Conway Scenic Railroad in Crawford Notch

Conway Scenic Railroad in Crawford Notch

The tac-tac caused by the wheels of a train is for me the best sleep aid. I slept like a rock when I’m traveling on a train. I was even dream (cannot remember what). But today, as we traveled (actually a short walk of an hour) in a comfortable CONWAY SCENIC RAILROAD wagon, and the sleep did not come, I was remembering the delighted tour we had done in the morning, on the top of Mount Washington. It was not very high, almost two thousand feet, and we went on the top with our motorcycles, by a narrow road full of curves, without guardrail and with the adrenalin high. Suddenly, the asphalt ended.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington

– Look, there is loose gravel there guys! Up there the scenery was breathtaking, even more intense than the cloud that shrouded the top of the hill when we arrived, dissipated, revealing, 360 degrees of pure green. We traveled whenever possible for calls of “scenic routes”, identified on the maps of the “Touring Handbook” by a hatched line in green.  In the early afternoon we arrived at North Conway. We went straight to the HD dealer and we scheduled the review of the 40 000 km for the next day.

Photo 1: Now and Here, Photo 2: Nino H, Photo 3: jpmiss, Photo 4: Scott (sfinley_nh) , Photo 5: Linda Orlomoski, Photo 6:Wayne Weber

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