Five of the Best Driving Holidays Revealed

Posted by on May 23, 2013

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The old cliché of a busman’s holiday comes about when someone takes a break, but bases it around what they usually do for a living. For anyone whose job involves driving, this would be a road trip, but for many other people, the chance to get behind the wheel on a great stretch of road has a great appeal.

Taking a driving holiday means you are in control of your travelling, being able to take a diversion or make a stop wherever you like. Add in the chance to see some fantastic scenery or places that are a little out of the way and you’ve got a unique holiday made to fit your own tastes and decisions.

1. France – Tour of Pas de Calais

A 160 mile route that is easily accessible, the Tour of Pas de Calais has some stunning scenery, including forests and typical rural French countryside. You will also travel past a fantastic section of coast with wide sandy beaches and through quaint fishing villages selling delicious seafood cuisine.

France - Tour of Pas de Calais

France – Tour of Pas de Calais

2. Romania – Transfagarasan

The Transfagarasan in Romania is 90 miles long and connects Transylvania with Wallachia, rising up through a mountain range to a height of 6,673 ft. On the way, there are numerous tunnels and viaducts as well as some exhilarating hairpin bends.

Romania – Transfagarasan

Romania – Transfagarasan

3. Italy – Amalfi Coast Road

Italy is famous for its driving holidays, but it is the Amalfi Coast road, with sheer cliff faces, rugged drops  and fierce hairpin bends, that has featured in numerous films and TV shows, with an allure all of its own.

Italy, Amalfi Coast - Praiano, road tunnel

Italy, Amalfi Coast – Praiano, road tunnel

4. Germany – Alpine Road

A classic when it comes to European driving holidays, the scenery of the Bavarian Alps, with snowy mountainous peaks mixed with ancient forests, is enough, but add in the hidden fairy-tale castles and lakes and the place soon takes on another magical dimension.

Germany - Alpine Road

Germany – Alpine Road

5. Norway – Atlantic Road

This is the shortest of our selection at only five miles, but it is one of the most spectacular roads in the world with its eight curved bridges that connect a series of small islands. Travelling from Bergen, you get views of the fjords and glaciers and deep Nordic conifer woods.

Norway - Atlantic Road

Norway – Atlantic Road

Safety first

Of course, driving on any roads can have dangers, even if you are the most safety consciousness driver in the world. Other road users may not share your approach and sometimes accidents are the result. If you are involved in a road traffic accident that is not your fault, you may be able to make a compensation claim against the guilty party. By contacting a specialist claims firm such as Injury Lawyers 4U, you can quickly and easily find out whether or not you have the basis for a successful claim.

Of course, most of us use the roads every day of our lives in complete safety, and that is also true for the vast majority of people who choose to go on a driving holiday.

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