Eating in Sydney | The legacy of the British pioneers

Posted by on July 15, 2013

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Just as language and displaced Western habits and folklore traditions of Indigenous Australians, the gastronomic heritage of these fads was introduced by British immigrants during the nineteenth century. Indeed, the settlers brought with them their livestock, vegetables, fruits and culinary customs and practices, such as grilling meat on the grill. In turn, the Germans introduced in the country French and German strains which still produce wines of outstanding quality such as the Barossa Valley. Even the local Australian production, far underpinned by an indigenous cookbook, began to prepare following the methods of the Europeans.

Chocolate and prawns

Chocolate and prawns

Little has influenced therefore indigenous cuisine in modern Australia, with some exceptions (eg, kangaroo meat, which can also be enjoyed in some restaurants of the Old Continent). However, it is interesting to note that still lingers production semitropical fruits and vegetables originating in Australia, such as passion fruit or chokoes. Similarly, the coastal country status gives a great variety of fish and seafood, especially cod and Sydney rock oysters, considered among the best in the world. From the point of view of Australian style menu, note that in this country tend to be regular heavy breakfast, based on steaks and fried eggs. Furthermore, for any time of the day, beer is one of the most appreciated drinks.

Sydney rock oysters

Sydney rock oysters

Typical dishes that can be enjoyed in Sydney, highlighted some recipes with fish and meat, such as steak with oyster, the South Sea fish (lemon fish), the pancakes with apple lamb or braised lamb. For vegetarians, it is worth noting the chokoes with cheese (stuffed zucchini). Finally, with regard to desserts and drinks, it is highly recommended to taste the famous lamingtons (biscuits with tea leaves) as well as their famous cup of wine (a kind of Local bleeding). For those who do not want to go to an expensive restaurant to try all these dishes they can simply order them from eat now Sydney Takeaways and enjoy them at the comfort of their own house or hotel.

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