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Posted by on May 13, 2012

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Durres is a beautiful town in Albania which is considered as an industrial center and is the biggest port of the country. There have been a lot of invaders that have attempted to get hold of the city since it was discovered in 7thcentury. You can find old traces of history in Durres which is considered as a main attraction for tourists. There are also museums found in the center like the Archeological Museum, the Museum of History and the old house of Aleksander Moisiu. This is also a place where you can find roman baths and amphitheater. Since it is found on the coastline, Durres has some of the finest beaches in the region.

Vollga, Durres. Photo taken from the ''Fly'' cafe which is at the 15th floor of a flat.

Vollga, Durres. Photo taken from the ''Fly'' cafe which is at the 15th floor of a flat.

Durres is not only surrounded by waters of Adriatic Sea but there are also low hills that vary in elevation. The climate is influenced by the Mediterranean so it has mild winter and hot summer. This city is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the clear waters of the sea. Compared to nearby cities, Durres has no main water resources. Their main source of fresh water is found underground. Due to various economic activities in Durres, little flora and fauna can be found. However there are several patches of green areas that can be enjoyed by tourists.

The city’s port is very important for Albania. Its geographical location gives the city connections to other places through both land and water. Tourists can drive to Tirana, the capital city of the country. You can also take train or bus. Buses can be quite crowded and renting a car or taxi could be expensive. Although there are various transport options that are available, nothing is much better than walking. Tourists can opt to walk around the city so they can get close on what the place has to offer.

Durres beach and the beach club called ''Pista''
Durres beach and the beach club called ”Pista”

Durres is still a developing city but because of its location there are a lot of human resources found in the area. Nowadays tourism is playing a role in the development of the city. The town has quite a number of attractions and the beaches are well maintained. Visiting the city also involves tasting local cuisine that is influenced by Italy and Greece. Main ingredients of local meals are lamb and fish. They also use various herbs to make it flavorful. There are also various restaurants that welcome guests and offer memorable experiences.

Durres photo 1: mnstefan, Durres photo 2: Genci

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