Doing the Dirty Work While Traveling

Posted by on September 24, 2015

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Travel requires money, and despite the many ways of traveling on a budget, if you do not have at least a dollar in your pocket, you can’t practically go no further than where your feet can take you. With this in mind, if you are a budget traveler, be prepared to do the dirty work while you travel.

  1. Be ready to make your own meals.

If you book an accommodation with breakfast, lunch or dinner – you usually have to pay double. Well, it may cost a bit more if you rent a studio pad or apartment for your trip, but if it means having a small kitchen where you can do groceries and cook meals, you can really save a lot.


  1. Be ready to do your own laundry.

Most hotels offer laundry service or refer you to nearby cleaners. But honestly, this is just unnecessary expenses. To save money, do your own laundry – use the sink in the toilet and hang your clothes to drip-dry or you can take them out to the balcony. Just don’t make it appear like you’re running a Laundromat.


  1. Be ready to eat at shabby diners and street stalls.

Eating at fancy restaurants is very costly, but most tourist destinations have vibrant streetfood culture, especially Asia and Europe. Street diners and stalls may look a bit shabby, but if you’re there on that spot, then be adventurous all the way by trying out some street dishes.


  1. Be ready to commute, hitchhike and walk miles.

Taxis and car rentals may drain your budget quicker than you imagine. But there’s always a local mode of transportation you can try and enjoy. Also, do a couple of miles of strolling to know the locality better and to get closer to your destination without spending.


  1. Be ready to do odd, temporary jobs.

If you’re on an extended stay and running out of cash, don’t hesitate to do odd jobs like teaching English or doing volunteer work just to help finance your trip. Ever heard about the traveling couple who scrubbed toilets? Yes, they’re ever ready to do the dirty work in order to travel around the world on a budget – are you?

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