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Posted by on September 26, 2013

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The island of Barbados is well documented, and you may have even travelled there yourself in the past. The wonderful thing about this Caribbean treasure however is that there is always more to discover, and each trip here can be very different to the last. Why not book your Barbados flights now, and start planning some new and exciting things to do there on your holiday from the ideas below.



Catch some waves

Barbados is largely known for its calm seas, and this is certainly the case on the luxury western coast of the island. If you head to the south however you can find fantastic conditions for surfing and there are some top surfing schools here. Head to Surfers Point or the Soup Bowl to have a go at regular surfing, or the less known kite surfing.

Travel by Segway

There are many ways to see Barbados, by boat, by road or by air. But by far the most different and exciting way to see the island is by Segway. Tours are available in the northeast and you can ride your Segway across beaches, and around the landscapes and streets of this area.

Take a hike

The cliffs, countryside, hilly areas and beaches make Barbados a great place for all walkers, from the casual stroller to the seasoned mountaineer. There are many arranged hikes as well as several well travelled routes to walk on, and they vary in difficulty depending on your experience and standard. By joining an arranged hike you get to meet new people, adding an extra element of fun to the walk.

Don’t just stick to lying on the beach or relaxing in your hotel on a trip to Barbados. Do a little research before you depart and find some very different and exciting things to do during your stay, making your holiday even more memorable.

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