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Posted by on October 1, 2014

Even if travel is a lot cheaper these days, some people still can’t afford to take a break and fly somewhere else. With all the expenses you need to pay for, there’s little else left for a vacation. Well, you can always work to become a smart traveler. Thomas Cook flights are ideal for smart travelers and great to save up for the rest of the vacation. If you really want to go on a holiday on the cheap, choose the best time to snag the best deal.

On choosing a destination

Check out any travel guide and you’ll see a common tip—avoid the peak season. If you’re not traveling when everyone else is doing the same thing, you avoid the crowd and the hefty price tag on all travel essentials. With this in mind…


– Travel to New York, San Francisco and Washington in January, when most of the crowd is gone, but the sales are still on.

– Head out to Ireland, Netherlands and Texas on February. The weather may still be cold, but no need to put fun and excitement on hold.

– Fly to Italy, Spain and Los Angeles in March where prices are low, and there are amazing attractions to know.


– April is the cheapest time to visit Jamaica. Yah man!

– May is the best and most affordable time to fly to Hawaii, Atlanta and the Washington State.


– The months of June to August may be scorching hot in places that are hot and humid, but shouldn’t stop you from exploring Las Vegas.

– September is the best time to fly to Japan, New Orleans and Orlando. Explore amazing attractions without people swarming all over the place.

– October may be hurricane season in St Martin, but there will always be days of clear and sunny skies.

– Explore Lake Tahoe, Reno and the Dominican Republic in the November.


– Before the year ends, explore the sun-drenched isles in Greece in December, minus the expensive airfare, hotel and car rental rates.

As long as you’re flexible with your vacation date and destination, traveling cheap would be something you can enjoy.

Photos by: Justin Brown (New York Sunset), Tomash Devenishek (Jamaica Trip), Sergey Sus (Las Vegas), mariusz kluzniak (Santorini Greece)

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