5 Fantasy Destinations That Will Enchant You For Sure

Posted by on November 6, 2014

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If you’re someone with a serious case of wanderlust and love for enchanting fairy tales, here’s a bucket list made especially for you. Although some of these fantasy destinations may be a challenge to get to, they are sure to give you the experience of a lifetime! 

Glowworm Caves, New Zealand


The glow worm or Arachnocampa Luminosa is a species unique to New Zealand. They are tiny creatures that stick to walls or ceilings and radiate luminescent light.

The Glowworm Grotto, a specific spot in the Waitomo Caves, is where many of these interesting insects gather. Take your loved ones with you and enjoy the world-famous boat ride beneath a starry scenery of magical glow worms.

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan


Found in the Kawachi Fuji Garden, this heartwarming scenery of flowers will awe just about anyone! If strolling here won’t make you feel as though you’re in a fantasy movie, then nothing probably will!

The best times to visit would be from April to May when Japanese cherry blossoms are at full bloom.

Paro Taktsang, Bhutan


Popularly called the Tiger’s Nest, the Taktsang Palphug Monastery is a sacred Himalayan Buddhist site that’s perched up on a cliffside on the Paro Valley.

What makes it interesting to visit is its alarming but exceptionally captivating unique location. It’s definitely for the extremely adventurous at heart!

Colmar, France 

France is known for having quaint towns but one that has particularly captured tourist attention is Colmar. It’s like the provincial town in Beauty and the Beast but more! Aside from it being picturesque and charming, it’s home to the Animated Museum of Toys and Modeled Trains, or as locals call it – the Musee Anime du Jouet et des Petits Trains.

Pamukkale, Turkey


Thinking about hitting the waters? Here’s a place where white terraces of hot springs cascade amidst a backdrop of mountains and sky panorama. Go alone or bring your friends and relax in small pools of pristine waters. You’ll experience bliss and leisure here like nowhere else.

Photos by: OpticoverloadAflânio TomikawaMarina & EnriqueEsther Lee

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