4 Essential Tips to Living Overseas for a Year or Two

Posted by on October 8, 2015

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Traveling to a foreign country can be lots of fun and adventure but living in one for a year or so can be challenging, especially if you are leaving your comfort zone thousands of miles away from friends and family. Albeit, looking at it from a different point of view promises new beginnings and greater adventure.

Here are some reminders to make life in a foreign country easier and fruitful:

  1. Take care of what you will leave behind.


This is one of the most important steps to take before you pack your bags. If you live alone and own your house, you need to arrange for a house-sitter or better yet, rent out your home so you can have extra income even while you are away. This is also the perfect time to get organized and donate, dispose and keep your stuff. You can also add money to your travel budget. Leaving things in order makes it easier for you when you return.

  1. Research about your destination country.


When you travel, it is normal to read travel advisories and learn about the climate and places of interest of your destination. Since you are going to live in a place with a culture that can be different from yours, it is also crucial to have ample information about the people, culture and traditions in that particular country. Moreover, learn some phrases and words so you can address the language barrier. In time, you will adapt and be able to communicate better with the locals.

  1. Live like a local.


As days and weeks pass, you will be more comfortable with the place and people but this will only happen if you embrace the culture and explore. Don’t live like a tourist but try to be one of the locals. This way, you can save on your budget by eating at local restaurant and making friends at the same time since you can eat at local restaurants instead of dining out like a tourist. Why dine at plush restaurants for tourists when local food is good and cheap?

  1. Get a job.


Life as an expat is not that easy and entails expenses as well. You can try getting a job like being a travel writer or an English teacher while away. The earnings you make can go a long way.

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