3 Ways to Make Your Travel Adventure an Awesome Experience

Posted by on February 25, 2016

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You don’t have to spend months in another country to make your travel an awesome one. Sometimes, even those who only have a week or a weekend to spend in a new place can still make memorable experiences as long as they know what to do. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, here are some ways you can have enjoyable adventures that are worth reminiscing in the future.

Plan your itinerary around what interest you most.


The key ingredient to having the best travel plan is your passion and interest. This means that when you’re a food lover, plan to make your trip focused on visiting restaurants and food markets, depending on your taste. If time isn’t a problem, you can even enroll yourself in a short culinary course that focuses on the local cuisine. Even if you’re with friends, you can still consider separating from the group for a short time if no one wants to come with you to a museum or establishment that very well suit your interests.


Learn the native tongue of the locals.

You don’t have to be fluent; just learn the most basic greetings. In most cases, interracial friendships start to blossom just because a local was surprised that the traveler can say “thank you” in the native language. If you’re not feeling particularly confident, bring a phrasebook with you or a smartphone with a language translation app installed.


Immerse yourself in the lives of the locals.

For an eye-opening experience, especially when you’re in a country with culture that’s different than yours, immerse yourself into the local lifestyle. Check out places frequented by the locals and observe or better yet, engage with them. These areas can be the public park, bars and even restaurants or coffee shops. Consider staying in an apartment where the locals live, if possible.


The real secret to having an awesome trip is to understand what you truly like to experience. Stop worrying about not being able to visit the landmark that almost everyone raves about. Keep in mind that travel is a personal thing and not a competition.

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